Aims & Scope

"The National Ceteris Paribus Journal of Economic Research" was established to promote and publish scholarly works in economics and associated fields. The journal covers a wide range of topics, including economic theory, macro/microeconomics, financial analysis, business strategies, public policies, international trade, and similar subjects. Each issue presents evaluated articles by experts, reviewed by specialist referees and editors, published under the CC-BY license to encourage scholarly exchange. The primary goal is to support and disseminate academic research, contributing to the development and understanding of various aspects within the field of economics.

Our journal accepts articles related to the following topics and their associated subjects.


  • Monetary Policies and their Effects
  • Growth Theories and Applications
  • Unemployment and Employment Dynamics
  • International Trade and Globalization


  • Consumer Behavior and Decision-Making Processes
  • Firm Behavior and Market Structure
  • Pricing Strategies and Competition

Financial Economics:

  • Risk Management and Portfolio Theory
  • Interaction of Financial Markets
  • Analysis and Prevention of Financial Crises

Development Economics:

  • Income Inequality and Poverty Alleviation
  • Sustainable Development Models
  • Local and Global Development Policies

Environmental Economics and Sustainability:

  • Green Economy and Transformation Processes
  • Efficient Use and Conservation of Resources
  • Economics of Climate Change

Economic Thoughts and Theories:

  • Classical, Neoclassical, and Modern Economics
  • Behavioral Economics Approaches
  • Economic Modeling and Simulations

Policy Analysis and Economics:

  • Economic Impacts of Public Policies
  • Tax and Expenditure Policies
  • Competition Policies and Regulations

Econometrics and Data Analysis:

  • Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • Panel Data Analysis and Applications
  • Econometric Models and Methods